Water Treatments

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Water Treatment Solutions

Stellar’s Water Treatment Solutions Division is leading the way with our custom engineered water treatment systems.  These self-contained systems are specifically designed to recycle and conserve water. We are able to reduce traffic into oilfield locations by eliminating the need for constant pump and haul trucks for sewage and water. With ever increasing regulations, our systems provide solutions regarding the management and discharge of domestic wastewater on rig sites.

This solution is a huge leap forward in traffic control, environmental conscientiousness and water conservation, and employee health at remote work locations.

Water Purification Unit Features

  • 24 hour monitoring an operation
  • Treats up to 6,000 gallons per day
  • Max flow of 7.9 Gallons per minute
  • Treats well groundwater to TCEQ standards
  • 4 Faucet Stainless Steel Water Filling station, with Bottle Pressure Washer
  • Ice and fresh water dispenser
  • Chlorimetric Chlorine Analyzer with stand pipe installation kit and reagents for free chlorine
  • Twin 500 Gallon Poly-Ethylene Water Storage Tanks.
  • Ion Exchange Water Softener w/auto-backwash valve
  • Smart-on-Demand Self-Priming Supply Pump
  • Smart-on-Demand Delivery (Distribution) Pump to Point of Use
  • Stainless Steel Ultra Violet Sterilizer

Wastewater Reclamation Unit Features

  • Carbon Steel or Aluminum Double Epoxy Coated skid to conform to AISC Manual of Steel Construction.
  • 24-hour monitoring and operation
  • Carbon Steel or Aluminum Double Epoxy Coated skid to conform to AISC Manual of Steel Construction.
  • 22 foot trailer with outdoor lighting
  • Chlorine sanitation
  • Treats domestic wastewater to Texas Rail Road Commission water reuse standards
  • Treated water is suitable for rig reuse purposes such as drilling main hole, mixing mud, or mixing cement
  • Cutting edge MBR system
  • Ultra-modern hollow fiber membrane system
  • Stabilized Rapid Oxidizing Chemical Injection Mixer Pre-Treatment System
  • Cassette design can treat small, medium, and large flow capacity even up to mega size MGD flowrates in modular trains

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